Why a Treasure Productions Videographer?

Well, I can think of at least three reasons – Our videographer is not only passionate and creative but also possess a keen eye of interpreting the wide range of emotions which is highly essential especially in a live event such as a wedding. The natural touch that begins in the interaction with the client, at the same time capturing that one very special moment for you to preserve for a lifetime.

I cannot begin to express enough the utmost importance in engaging an experience and trained videographer. Treasure Productions has been in the wedding videography business for almost decade now and with over five hundred under it’s belt, we clearly must be doing something right.

I am sure it is not hard to gather why you should not trust an event of a lifetime to a ‘newbie’ or someone learning. Our videographer on the hand undergos a very stringent form of training before they even embark on an actual video assignment.

It is an absolute must – a criteria that our videographers are equally competent editors and for this today we would like to proudly label as our very own unique style. Videos that are simple, stylish but yet classily sexy….

Are two videographers necessary?

If you can afford it i totally say go for it! Having two cameras will mean that one videographer can act as a primary and the other a secondary. This would naturally mean additonal angles and a more complete coverage from an array of different perspective enhancing the final production.

A two videographer situation will at the same time provide the professional editor in post, more options for a better deserving polished result.

However, do bear in mind that having more than one videographer does not necessarily mean better video. If you hire a free lancer who is not properly trained, you may probably end up with disastrous consequence with the two videographers fighting for room and angles.

So, the general rule is quality but not quantity.  A good videographer today can shoot an event alone and still have the ability to manipulate the use of camera angles and simulate a multi camera shoot if he knows what he is doing.

Is working attitude important?

What sets apart a good videographer and a great videographer is work attitude.

It is almost certain that you will always have to work with a photographer in a wedding shoot. Being a professional videographer and photographer is getting the very best results possible for the client.

Staying out of each other shots especially covering important moments is monumental in being a professional. e.g vows. ring exchange, solemnisation, tea ceremoney etc.

However, in certain circumtances, when it unavoidable both the videographer as well as the photographer should accord each other mutual respect in a shoot and act as talented professionals with only one goal common goal in mind.

What is a TP style Edited RAW?

A raw video typically means a video that is captured, unedited, undoctored and uncut. In layman terms, it simply means, what is captured is what you get.

Raw videos are inevitably painful and boring to watch and more than often the viewer will have to fast forward skipping uneventful, shaky and boring parts.

At Treasure Productions, we do things differently and what we have come to call our TP Style Edited Raw. Certain footages or shots are given the cut e.g when the videographer records a couple of the same scene or take.

Our TP style edited raw also comes complete with a DVD menu, motion buttons and invisible chapters so that the viewers can skip chapters. There will be also an intro before each main transitional event usually accompanied with instrumental music.( Please note that we absolutely do not cut out important footage)

When will my DVD be ready?

Our usual turn around time for the delivery is two weeks after the shoot.

We have no reason to delay in the delivery and we understand that the client is only naturally filled with eagerness to view their big day on DVD.

In the event that we require more than two weeks tocomplete the DVDs, we would inform the client in advance of which may be the case during peak periods.

How much time is necessary to produce an Express Highlights video?

One hour to capture the video onto the video editing suite, and approximately four hours to tastefully edit, synchronized and edit to the mood of the music which measn we will require a total of 6 hours including travelling time to and fro destination and back to the hotel for continued coverage of the dinner reception and cocktails.

Are we allowed to have the express highlights re-edited after the wedding?

What you see on the night of your dinner reception will be exactly what you will get after your wedding. We shall not entertain any re-edits unless there is a mistake on our part in the content, i.e. spelling of the name, etc.