Cinematic Express Highlights $2,488/- a 2nd assistant videographer is inclusive in the AM session of this package

(Inclusive of 2nd Videographer for the morning session only, shooting with cinematic style shallow depth of field camera.)
The express highlights style MTV is typically a 3-5 minute video clip accompanied by the music of your choice.

(Treasure Productions is also the owner of Videographer Secrets and thus licensed to use mainstream/ copyrighted music for sync with your wedding video.)

After the morning session, our videographers/editor will return to the production studio where he will capture and piece together a classically stylish MTV that would be ready for viewing during your dinner reception. Example of contents – includes the preparations, tea ceremony, solemnisation, church ceremony, gatecrashing, outdoor shoots etc.

Our videographer will then continue to cover the evening dinner reception including the coctails as well as march in typically ending with the departure of the guests. Please note that an ideal interval of 6 hours (including travelling time) is required between the morning and evening event for this package.


  • 1 journalistic videographer to strictly cover documentation AM only
  • 1 cinematic style videographer for highlights (35mm style cinematic look AM/PM only)
  • A backup High Def camcorder inclusive.
  • Up to 2 hours of raw footage
  • Steadicam for hollywood style fluid shots
  • Slider dolly style shots
  • Total 10 hours of videographer’s presence


  • 2 sets of DVD-R of express highlights video.
  • 2 sets of TP style DVD-R edited raw. (typical duration 1-2 hours)
  • Personalized design DVD casing and DVD print in photo quality glossy surface print.
  • Invisible Chapter points and motion buttons inclusive
  • Post is entirely discretion of the editor and no re-edit shall be entertained.
  • we provide local registered postal service to couples for their convenience at a small fee of $20/-
  • couples may also request for their lovely highlights to be authored onto a Bluray Disc at an additional cost of $80/-
  • we have one of the fastest turnaround time for your DVDs in the industry! 3 weeks your DVDs are guaranteed ready for collection