Subsequent Hour Charge after 10 hours $100/- to the nearest hour

Split Day Wedding Surcharge $200/-

Early AM Surcharge every hour before 7am $100/-

Public Holiday Surcharge $200/-

Bluray Disc HD $80/- first disc / subsequent $20/- ( only applicable to highlights and mtv )-

Book our camera crane $300/- including operator / ideal for church weddings

On-Site Editor $300/- perfect for luncheon events

Live Feed Videographer $300/- videographer on tripod only for two hours to cover march-ins

Payment Terms and Conditions

1) The confirmation of a booking is only when a deposit is confirmed received either via online transfer, cash payment or credit card.
2) All balance payment is to be made at least 14 days or before the actual wedding day.
3) Editing is entirely at the discretion of the editor and no reedits shall be entertained unless there is an error on the part of the editor.
4) Do not wait for halve a year or 1 year for your completed disc. At Treasure Productions we have one of the fastest turnaround time or 3 weeks for your DVDs to be ready for collection.
5) All deliverables are to be collected at our premises 59 Ubi Avenue 1, 06-16 Bizlink Centre Singapore 408938.
6) Kindly call out hotline at +65-63330908 to make an appointment before heading down our way.
7) We do not backup footage due storage constrain, therefore we advise you to strongly make copies of your precious DVDs.

Music & Licensing

All wedding highlights are exclusively put together by videographersecrets which pays a yearly fee to RIPs, COMPASS and Music Publishing Singapore.
Please note that Uploading your wedding videos online is however still an infringement of copyright.

(Please note that the numbers are not shown in full due to privacy policies)
Invoice Number – L11000xx
Receipt Number – 06741x
Date of invoice – 03/01/2012